Powering the Rhombus!

Bringing the van into the 20th century!

The van was powered by and inverter, deep cycle batteries and 12 volt power. To use the television the inverter had to be switched on as the TV was 240 Volt and had to be powered by either plugging into a power source (240) or the inverter.
This was a good way to do things, as long as the inverter was given the time to cool down after using. You guessed it, this too was not done! We estimate that the inverter was repaired at least 6 times (that we know of) due to turning it off without waiting. Impatient much???

So full well knowing that the above has happened and factoring in new technologies since the first rebuild we have decided to go down the 12 volt path. This is to make things a lot easier, no more fiddling about with and inverter and no more blowing it up!!!

So what and how do we ensure most things are 12 volt? We go to a LOT of camping shows and of course owning our own caravan helps a lot too. Hee, Hee.

We have even added a generator to the van so really it would be easier to fire up the generator to use the microwave than turning the inverter on. Simply we want to avoid more destruction to the inverter. We do have to upgrade our own personal inverter and will do that when we can, so for the time being the original one has to suffice. Upgrading their inverter to ours will go from a 1000 watt to a 2000 watt, this will Henk and Pien should be able to use everything with the exception of the air-conditioner all via the flick of a switch and not have to even be anywhere near a powered site!

Battery power! I hear you thinking, “Where does all this power come from”?
Recycled UPS batteries, 3 of them and all 100 amp hour. This is a whopping 300Ah of power, these power lights, TV, personal fan and even the fridge. The fridge is much best placed on a gas setting than 12 volt when in unpowered areas as it can deplete battery supply quite fast. Something that we have seen many a time while caravanning, although there is something almost amusing about seeing someone chase the sun all day with their fold up solar panels just so they can keep their fridge cold! Sadly what goes in rarely will suffice the needs and we have also heard of a lot of people turning fridges off at night over putting it on gas. One gas 9kg gas cylinder should last a good three weeks where a battery may only last a few hours! Do the math!!!

So the van will be outfitted with 12 volt lights, Led lights a 12 volt combination tv/dvd player, 12 volt fan, 12 volt reading lights…….


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