Creating safe seats!

Creating New Seats!

The seating in the van was a bit old and haggard; the passenger seat in particular was somewhat dangerous. Pien would get very hot and uncomfortable, if not to the point of passing out. This was due to when the van was created the heat proofing somehow was removed from the underside. We think this may have been so that the seat sat better with the new engine, although we are not 100% sure.
So, poor Pien would cop all the heat bar the tiny bit of foam under her butt. Not a comfortable ride to say the least and most especially when it was hot days.

We also found the underside of her seat was remodelled and it had a lump of timber behind it. This timber was to hole the seat in place and that timber was screwed to the wall with a couple of tiny screws. Once again dicing with danger and not only skating on thin ice, but jumping on it!
If there happened to be an accident, even a tiny one her whole sea along with her would have shot off forward as there was really nothing to hold it into place! YIKES!!

Now how do we fix this? Firstly the seat had to go, we were very fortunate to find in the deep corners of a wrecking yard a driver’s seat and a passenger’s seat. Although they were rather tatty, they were no less tatty than what was in the van. So we are using parts from the seats from the wreckers and parts from the existing seats.
We have bought 10mm heat proof foam to go under Pien’s seat and on the inside. As we have also mentioned many a time, Henk and Pien both have exceptionally poor physical ability. It is important that when they are travelling that they are comfortable. We went to Clarke Rubber and purchased some high density foam, medium density foam and some foam to make seat covers with.
Time to tackle upholstery or crash course 101!! Hahaha!

These are photos of fabrics that we will be using to make the seating and
make that seating comfortable

Driver’s seat from the wreckers. It looks worse than what it really is, bear in mind we are not using the top part, we are in fact using the frame. This frame is a bit better and newer than the existing. This will make it easier to adjust as needed and will also be easier to move forward when working on the engine

This is the passenger seat and as with the driver’s seat we are pilfering parts to make the existing seats better. So do not worry that this looks utterly cactus we are not using the cover, we are using the frame.

The underside of the existing drivers seat, as you can see it is pretty cactus and there is little scope for any movement. So if you are a shortie like Henk and Pien’s Daughter in Law, Deanne. AKA the website creator you are in trouble. Lucky for me I cannot drive a manual vehicle!

Underside of the existing seats, as you can see a big chunk has been cut out of it this was so that the seat fitted over the new engine. As you can also see there is not  one scrap of heat proofing at all. It’s any wonder that it did not catch fire! Henk and Pien are exceptionally lucky people!

This is the innards of the passenger seat, as you can see it too is ruined, the blackening on the underside is actually burn and mould marks. We have already explained the serious health problems associated with mould and it also does not take a rocket scientist to understand that a seat with burn marks is also a danger.
Here is hoping that we can make comfortable and safe seats. Keep your eyes on this page and all others as we do plan to be updating things as we progress. There is a lot of very exciting things ahead!!!

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We have spent some time trying to make these seats work and be as best as possible, it’s imperative that Henk and Pien be comfortable with safety being paramount. We are merely and electrician and a chef, we may be able to cook you something wonderful and make things light up beautifully but upholstery, well lets just say it is not one of our finer points!! LOL So we have enlisted the help of a well regarded and highly recommended local upholsterer. He was really kind not to laugh too much at what we had attempted, but he did say we were in fact on the right track. There is going to be a bit of a change to the fabric as he has a much better quality fabric, its a fabric that is utilised for seats in a local trucking company. It has been put through some of the most rigorous of tests and passed with flying colours. So we know that just on fabric alone these seats should last incredibly well. Well one would think that they would especially when they talk about tens of thousands of bum sits!! LOL
We were really lucky to see some of his work and all we can say is this guy has a true passion and talent. We are incredibly excited to see the end result which we are told that will be in a couple of weeks! So stay tuned, keep your eyes peeled cos this project is not far from completion!!!


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