Caravanning and Camping

We are also lovers of caravanning, there is something that is uniquely wonderful about taking what is essentially a home on wheels to almost any place you are able and permitted. We have been to many places and seen many wonderful things, we have also met some wonderful, strange and interesting people along the way too.
We talked a bit about caravanning and camping books in our other blog site “Bill and Deannes Adevntures” we thought that because this site is more dedicated to caravanning and camping that it would be a great idea to put our reccomended links and ideas here too.

Camps Australia Wide

A book that we use a lot and is often affectionatly referred to by many people as the camping bible is Camps 5. It’s at version number 5 and we are only guessing that number 6 will be out in 2011. There is a couple of choices you can have it in hard cover and soft cover. The hard cover is the one we have and it is jam packed with photos of each campsite. Camps Australia are very experienced in travelling aroung this wonderful island and have put a lot of thought into this book. They also have spots at the back of the books where people can send in their camp spots and idea. The camp spots we have found thus far to be relatively easy to find, the GPS co-ordinates are mostly spot on or within a couple of hundred meters of the spot.  There is a possibility to get all the sites gps coordinates downloaded to major brand gps’s. We do not have this as yet but have heard from someone whom has and they say that its a fantastic feature. So it’s well worth checking out!!
We tend to make sure that we are at a campspot by 4pm or at the very least within the vicinity of one. This gives us enough time to be able to get to the spot safely. There are some spots in the book that are a bit more difficult to find and we take this into account. It would be rather difficult to get to a campspot and set up in the dark. Those with motorhomes may not be fussed by this but if you are reliant on a campfire to cook your meals or give you warmth you may have some difficulty.
We did have some difficulty finding a spot on an occasion but as we were in a reasonable sized town at 4pm we opted to stay at the showgrounds. There was two reasons for this, one was not wanting to get to a campspot in the dark and the second was we needed to top up with water and they were going to charge us $5 for water or $10 per night!! So we stayed two nights, topped up all our batteries and fully charged all torches and mobile phones while making sure our water tanks were also full. The reason why we stayed the ssecond night was we went and looked for the campground and when we found it we discovered that it was less than ideal for our caravan to go to. The road was a bit rough and the surrounds were very wet.

Things to remember…

We have learned a bit about caravanning and camping and know that there is so much more to learn. As we said earlier we have also met a lot of people in our travels and many have had some invaluable advice. We adore the fact that you can learn so much so quickly and so easily just from sitting about a campfire talking to people that you have just met.

We are not fans of arriving at a campspot and fiding it littered with toilet paper, or tiny white flowers as one person referred to them as.  In the same token just recently we learned that it is not all that uncommon for people to dump the contents of their porta-loo on bare ground. We were also told that some poor unfortunate people let their dog go for a run and the poor pooch returned covered in excrement and toilet chemicals. Some disgusting sod had dumped the entire contents of their porta-loo right beside a river. We were shocked and disgusted that people would do such a revolting thing. We cannot imagine what the poor dog’s owners felt when their multi coloured hound surfaced. Lets hope that the poor pooch did not get sick from the blatant laziness of others!!
So there is a number of issues with going to the loo in the bush, people need to be mindful of the environment about them. The old digging a decent hole and burying everything is a good start. Toilet paper waste is best burnt or put in a rubbish bag, toilet paper can fly out of holes and in places where there is wild pigs they will most certainly dig excrement up!!

More to follow in coming weeks………..


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