Farewell Project Motorhome!

Bye MotorhomeThe Rhombus Explora has been sold and to an awesome couple, what is even more fantastic is they are taking over the blog. I am not going to write about who where what when because that is up to them. I can say that and we are incredibly excited and we are very much looking forward to their adventures in this amazing van!!


The maiden voyage is underway!!

The Rhombus Explora started it’s journey on Monday 11/11 and was spotted today 12/11 in Horsham, thanks to Rohan’s message. It’s just wonderful to see that Henk and Pien are already travelling the wonderful towns of this beautiful country.

Moving along brilliantly!

We noticed the other day that we have had this van now for 4 years!! This was never the intention but from moving house back and forth, repairing the house and then one person having the van for several months for some repairs and then another as well as other issues time has flown. Anyhow we really are in that final stretch, and if I have said it once I will say it again this van is just BEAUTIFUL! If this was our van we would hold our heads high proud of the achievement that we have accomplished. We have completely transformed a heavily neglected van with a massive list of repairs from the neglect a smelly, unhealthy, unreliable death-trap, into a clean, functional safe, comfortable van. What was once in the van has been replaced, nothing over the top or luxurious but working and functional replacements! 

We took the van for a couple of test drives, essentially to see how she ran and how she performed. Before we set out we put in all the pots, pans, plates, cutlery, toaster and the most important, the wine glasses!! It makes sense to put all these in because we also need to know how they will sit and if we needed to create brackets. You see before we were told everything had to be jammed in tight or it would slip, which the way the van was driven and the way it moved this could have been very much possible. However things like weight and weight distribution were once a very much ignored thing, essentially if the van went forward then all was fine which as mentioned in this site is one of the major contributing factors to the destruction of the van. We have taken all the right steps to understand the capabilities of this vehicle and how it will function. We have placed this knowledge into everything in the van, meaning the weight distribution and the overall weight. So by placing all the items in the van we know how much more can go in the van and have it operate safely and efficiently. We also know how it all sits too, and the answer is it all sits just perfectly, no rattles. no breakages… No more tin plates and nice plates for Henk and Pien anymore!!

As we began our first trip the passenger seat felt a bit uncomfortable but after a few minutes the foam settled and it was incredibly comfortable, despite a vibration that we knew would be incredibly uncomfortable for Pien. Poor Merlot was not too happy with the vibration on his little paws either!! Nonetheless this is why we were doing the test run to see how the van would perform and iron out the glitches. 
Our second trip adjusted the issue with the seat and a timing issue so the van ran much more better, however we did find that the fuel filter was a bit fouled so there was a issue with the pump but it too is now sorted. We can say that we smiled all the way up and down the freeway with nothing but pride for a job well done. It is a beautiful van and as this post began we too would hold our heads high proud to have such a vehicle to holiday in.

It is such an unassuming van, the sunlight catches it and it twinkles, its clear that it is older but it is clear it is well kept now. The space inside is wonderful, there is no clutter, it is streamlined and things now make sense. It also smells so much better too, gone is the gas leak fumes, the fuel stench from jerry cans stored inside and the hideous smell of rotted wood and fabric. Gone is the cumbersome way of doing the most simplest of things and gone is the great big step that was just dangerous. There is not one thing in this van that has been placed without thinking of the needs of Henk and Pien, including their physical needs. They can sit comfortably, they will be safe, they can cook something easily and they can rest easily knowing that their refrigerated food will be fine and sit and relax to a movie or comfortably lay in bed and read a book. They can even sit outside and rest their coffee cups and watch the world go by.

A pictorial update

Here are the latest photos of the Rhombus Explora!! As you can see we are getting really close now, we are down to the last few things which are just incredibly exciting!! Right now the Rhombus is at a mechanic getting an overhaul to make sure that mechanically everything is as best as it possibly can. We would shudder to think what would be said if by some freak unknown chance that something went wrong regardless of what it may be!!
Once it comes back from the mechanic there are a handful of things that need to be done including putting in the curtains and creating a manual. It is such a functional van now, essentially everything that was in the van before has been put back; the only difference is the things now work! The fridge won’t freeze food so food will be safe and no more stuffing vegetables and fruit under the bed to be forgotten and go to rot and waste! No more rotted lumpy bed causing tummy bugs and coughs! No more things falling all over causing breakages and accidents! No more struggling up a step or worse, falling down the step! No more driving a death trap, of unsafe seat belts, gas leaks, fuel leaks, a windscreen with its surrounds so rusted through that it was barely holding in place! No more sore backs and uncomfortable seats, and seats overheating because there was no heat proofing!! Its an endless list really and a list that has turned the van from an unhealthy, unsafe un-functional and serious accident waiting to happen to something that will be a pure joy, comfortable and functional!!

This van has been made precisely to what we were asked of, to make it SAFE, COMFORTABLE and FUNCTIONAL! Tick, tick tick!!!

Almost there!

The Rhombus Explora has made the journey to the upholsterer for some cabin work. Following behind on the journey it really looks beautiful, even though it needs a wash! It’s become a beautiful van, strong, clean ( The Destroyer and Whelan the Wrecker proof) its something to be proud of. We just have to take a heap of photos as almost all fixtures are in place, the entire interior is almost complete. It really is something special!

The seats are done!!

We updated a little while ago that we had sent the seats off with all the bits we had bought to be completed. We had done a reasonable good job but we were not quite fully there, we knew we had to make sure they were 100% right and not what we thought was right. We have changed the fabric we began with opting to use a much stronger fabric, this “should” ensure the longevity of the seats. We used the same foam and insulating materials so that the seats would be comfortable and safe. We received a message the other day informing us that they are ready and a photo. We hopefully will pick the seats up this friday, we are REALLY looking forward to seeing them as the photo on the phone looked amazing!!