Welcome to Project Motorhome

Welcome to the the epic journey of the Rhombus Explora a blog about a massive motorhome repair!
Its taken thus far over 12 months, its been some what challenging and something that we can stand back and be proud. We have been very lucky to have such wonderful friends to help us and lucky that we are have a good understanding of the caravanning world and more importantly the needs of the owners.
The parents!!!! Aka, Whelan the Wrecker and the Destroyer!!! Henk and Pien Holmer
So in the coming weeks we will endeavor to show and tell you everything we have done to date! We have so much to post so bear with us as it will take time to show you the entire journey. We hope that you enjoy the fun, the games, the frustration of one epic repair!
This blog has a two addresses, both will bring you to this site



And so it begins……………………
The first few days of the van on our lawn, here is where we began to tidy the van up, originally it was to be sold. Then the dream of a big trip resurfaced, so we were asked to fix all the things that needed fixing. We were told that there was a heck of a lot of “improvising” even for the most smallest of things. We knew that this was going to be a big job, what we did not know was HOW big. We did not know what was lurking under and behind things. We did not know how many things had been covered up. This was to be a one step forward and two steps back, sometimes many many steps back………………………..



Pop by if you wish to our personal site and look at all the other things we do and have done when we are not repairing the Rhombus Explora



Why do we have own
“.com” and. “com.au”
Because we have lots of relatives and friends that put .au on the end of everything cos they think that as we are Aussie’s it’s got to have a “.au” on the end!

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  1. Rohan Brown · November 12, 2013

    Hi, Nice to see you rolling through Horsham at lunch time today. I saw the little van and took note of the web address on the back. I hope you have a nice trip in our part of the world.


    • Dee · November 12, 2013

      Thank you Rohan for your message, your’s is the very first one on the Rhombus Explora’s maiden voyage.

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